Ansaldo Lake

Ansaldo Lake is privately owned by the Guglielminos and is reserved exclusively for Bull Hill Guest Ranch. It is approximately 20 acres in size, and stocked with rainbow trout. It is a natural spring fed lake, dating back to prehistoric times. Don and Pete’s great grandfather Peter Ansaldo founded the lake as his original homestead in 1903 when he emigrated to this country from Italy. It has been passed down through four generations, and is enjoyed today by visitors nation-wide as a favored destination for mountain fly fishing.

  • A catch and release policy and limited access to only ranch clientele makes this an ideal sport fisherman’s paradise. The feisty Rainbow trout weigh up to 10 lbs and early evening hatches provide great opportunities for dry-fly casting either from the dock or boat. The shoreline is lined with reeds and is not appropriate for wading, however, it is an ideal lake for float tubing.
  • Spin Reel fishing is allowed. Please clip or bend barbs to allow for releasing without harm.
  • Rowboats are provided at no extra charge, but bring your own float tubes and fishing gear. The ranch does not provide nor stock any fishing equipment, gear or tackle.
  • You can drive right to the lake’s shoreline during the months of April-October. The lake freezes over in mid-November and opens in mid-April.
  • No fishing license is required.
  • May, June and October are the most popular months for fishing this lake.
  • The lake is also ideal for swimming during the months of June-September and features a float raft out in the middle for sun bathing, or fishing.
  • The lake is located less than one mile from The Cookhouse, and has a hitching post for those riding to the lake by horseback.
  • No motors or jet skis allowed.
  • No live bait; barbless hooks only.
  • Sorry, no overnight camping or visitors after dark, unless permission granted (private residence on lake).
  • Campfire cookouts/barbeques available (seasonal).

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