Backcountry Tours Key West

Backcountry Tours Key West

Back Country Key West Charters is an affordable tour company that explores the backcountry of Key West’s waters. The upside of choosing our group is the affordability of the all-inclusive packages. The team has honed boating skills and an ingrained intuition about Key West’s waters and shores. Here are all the options you have of backcountry tours of Key West through our club.

General excavation trips

The backcountry has an abundance of mangrove forests, silky, exotic beaches, and clear blue waters. You will have a blast no matter which part of the wild excites your holiday bug. You could also enjoy multi-faceted holidays by indulging in the marine wild of the blue waters. The birds will always infiltrate your space with chirping from their nearby nests and flying formations across the sky.

The peaceful coastal will give you a serene holiday environment with scatters of turtles along the beach. The most popular trip takes about three to four hours for both paddle boarding and experience of the beach. The semi-private beaches are perfect for small parties like engagement photoshoots and a romantic getaway. The Back Country Key Charters’ staff ensures your safety throughout the trip to give you an unforgettable lifetime memory.

Light sports

Paddling will be an easy workout activity if you wish to have a go at becoming a pilot for the day. You can manifest your dream of peeking through the meandering mangrove canopies while rowing your board at a steady and manageable pace. The smooth waters of backcountry tours of Key West will not rush you or pressure you like the open ocean waters. You will have fun directing the paddle board while sitting down or kneeling – to give yourself a better view of the environment.

Apart from enjoying the boat’s control and dreamy view, you can catch fish in the shallow clear waters. The low waves make this hunt an easy catch with the right equipment and tools. The fishing enthusiasm will not drain you of your energy or distract you from all the other beauty stimulants in the environment.


Our staff is well versed with all areas frequented by wild dolphins. We do not guarantee that you will have positive sightings because dolphins move to different areas throughout the day. You will, however, get lucky if you experience docile dolphins that will entice you with a little play or a hide and seek racing game. Tourists often enjoy trying to catch a glimpse of these friendly creatures and getting close enough for candid shots. 

A full day trip

A private trip takes six to seven hours of the day. This time gives you the luxury of choosing to engage in one or several of the available activities. You have more time to enjoy the beach, paddling, or snorkeling. You also have a break period of indulging in sumptuous seafood and fresh drinking water. The prices are regularly lower than $1000 for a single activity and well worth your experience with backcountry tours of Key West.




Backcountry Tours Key West