Bull Hill Guest Ranch

Bull Hill Guest Ranch.We’ve been through many major cities in Asia, US, and Europe and wanted to do something a little different this year without totally forgoing the amenities and comfort of leisure travel. Bull Hill Guest Ranch is the answer! Since the ranch is a working cattle ranch (in contrast to a “staged” dude ranch), Bull Hill had an authenticity that makes the ranch experience genuine . Members of the Guglielmino family are still currently active in running the ranch. The ranch is a quite long ride from Spokane and Seattle but it is worth it. My family stayed in one of the ranch cabins and it was more than adequate – my husband and I on the first floor and my son in the attic. It was roomy, comfortable and very clean. The views were fantastic and the people we met very friendly and helpful. For families looking for this type of alternative tour experience, look no further. Bull Hill Guest Ranch is the answer!

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