Ireland vacation packages

If you’re planning out an Ireland vacation and are trying to get the most European bang for your buck, consider traveling with David McGuffin on a small group tour. David inspires European travel through small group guided tours that focus intently on culture, art, history and engaging experiences- nothing like the generic tourist experience you’ll get with most tour groups.

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David has found that exploring Europe through small group travel allows him to take a personal interest in everyone who travels with him. You’ll soon discover that David does things quite differently from other tour companies.

The Ireland vacation packages available on David’s website are all planned and designed by him- many of which are led by him as well! The hotels, restaurants, bus companies and drivers have been working with David for many years, all guaranteeing the most authentic travel experience possible.   David’s travel companions truly experience that he works very hard to eliminate any wasted time standing in line, hunting for a sight or running around at the last minute trying to locate a hotel.

David does his job well so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the tour. He believes that as part of a small group, you can see, do and experience much more than you could if you were to go it alone- and you’ll enjoy a much more personal experience versus traveling with a large tour group.

One of the most popular Ireland vacation packages is David’s Taste O’ Ireland, a 10 day/9 night journey across Ireland from Dublin south. Your tour will begin with a driving and walking tour of Dublin where you’ll take in all of the Irish history, culture and charm that has made it the popular destination that it is. Along the way, you’ll love how David takes you off the beaten path, allowing you to discover Ireland as locals see it.

While there is far too much on the itinerary to disclose here, just touching on a few of the places you will experience, your vacation will include:

– A warm welcome in Dublin where you’ll meet up at the hotel lobby for introductions and an overview of the tour, immediately followed by a grand, scenic exploration of Dublin City.

– The second afternoon is scheduled to be event-free so you can enjoy Dublin on your own.

– Day 3 will include a journey around the island and a stop at the ancient monastic site of Glendalough.

– A stop in the little village of Blarney will reveal some of the area’s most hidden enjoyments. After dinner, you’ll experience traditional music in a local pub.

– You’ll be a spectator at a crystal cutting demonstration from a master craftsman as you visit the Dingle Peninsula, after which you can enjoy shopping, dinner and music.

From start to finish, you will not be disappointed with the plans and excursions David has planned for you. The Taste O’ Ireland is one of the most beloved of all of David’s Ireland vacation packages- and for very good reasons.

Find out more by visiting, where you’ll find the complete itinerary for this package, as well as many other European vacations coming up.

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