Ireland vacations

David McGuffin escorts small groups of travelers for Ireland vacations unlike anything else available. If you’ve been thinking about traveling to Ireland but are hesitant about being part of a large group, consider David McGuffin for your guide. David routinely plans, designs and leads tours to many European destinations, including Ireland vacations that take his fellow travelers off the beaten path and out of the tourist traps.

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David’s Essence of Ireland Tour is a 10 day/9 night adventure that kicks off with a walking and driving tour of Dublin to acquaint you with the area’s history, culture and charm. Heading out from Dublin you will experience four distinct regions of the countryside, visiting ancient monastic sites, fairy forts, geological wonders and villages. You’ll partake in some of the best fresh local food on the island, with a backdrop of local traditional Irish music.

What makes David McGuffin’s Ireland vacations different from all other tours you’ll come across is his dedication and passion to seek out the authentic experience over the bland, touristic experience at every turn. David personally plans all of his tours, always working to improve and refine the experience for his fellow travelers.

You may be surprised to learn that you can see, do and experience much more on a small group tour versus traveling alone. While David’s Ireland vacations are not the cheapest ones you’ll find online, he does pledge to offer an amazing experience that includes cultural, dining and tourist experiences- and since the price you pay is all-inclusive, you can be certain you’re not going to be nickel and dimed with extras throughout your trip. In the end, you will find that David’s Ireland vacations are affordable.

The dining experiences on the Essence of Ireland tour will be a mixture of gourmet and traditional, guaranteeing you a place at some of the most outstanding restaurants in the area. Your package includes breakfast every morning and about half of your lunches or dinners.

Your accommodations are guaranteed to be clean, safe, have a private bath and of course, located centrally to the sights and sounds of the area you are visiting. You’ll stay at some family-run establishments that truly represent the local flavor of each area, many of which have developed close relationships with David. Your trade off to an authentic European experience may be taking the stairs to reach your room, or packing your own hair dryer. In the end, you’ll find it a rewarding investment.

David McGuffin’s clients are very much appreciative of the travel insurance and assurances that are a part of their travel packages. He believes you should be able to plan for your trip with confidence, knowing that if something should go wrong, he’ll be looking out for you. Feel free to visit to see a list of what is included in your package.

Take the vacation of your dreams and travel with David McGuffin to beautiful Ireland and experience it in a way that is just not possible with any other group. David has planned many Ireland vacations in the past and is dedicated to your complete enjoyment and satisfaction.

5 Helpful Tips For Ireland Vacations

When it comes to Ireland vacations, there is so much to see and do that we often find ourselves wondering how we are going to fit all of it into one trip. Now that we have easier access to Ireland vacations than ever before, the time has come for us to take a closer look at some of the most crucial tips.Maximizing our level of enjoyment on these types of trips …