Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies

Jewish studies are more than the standard readings of the Torah because they cover things like civilizations in the community, the culture, linguistics, literature, mystics, and many more issues. The field of Jewish studies has been broad and deep, but it became more expansive in the 60s when technology allowed us to date back as early as the 18th century. Today’s scholars are lucky to have many different institutions, departments, and centers, meaning it is now easier to get your complete education to learn about Judaism online as you would any other course study.

What you should know about taking online Jewish classes

Our program is rich in multiple Jewish studies and aims to engage students in many dialogues about the culture and history. We use an array of different scholars and professionals who know the deep concerns of the study and will use all kinds of resources to deliver meaningful messages. While studying with us, you will pursue diverse critical thinking pathways, leadership roles, and business acumen.

Do you think online Judaism classes are suitable for you?

Many old scholars are wary of taking classes because they think it is potentially dangerous to their old doctrines. They think the courses are too refurbished; hence they cannot deliver the same Jewish identity that makes up the identity of the Jewish community.

Should you take these classes if there is a risk that the professors will not give you the real deal? Our Jewish teachers go overboard to create an objective course and boast of the same traditions and cultures we relish. Unlike most unoriginal Jewish lessons, we do not push forward the agenda about racism against Jews and other similar discriminations because our goal is to educate on the entirety of the culture so students can use it to empower themselves and the community.

Critical aspects of introduction to Judaism online

  • All lessons are rooted in the origin of the religion; hence we will touch on Judaism and Christianity.
  • The goal of our course is never to try and draw you away from your current life but to show you how to use Judaism to interact in the context of the Western world while still living a natural and happy life.
  • We offer lessons on discriminatory events like the Holocaust to teach our people about the religious and philosophical meaning and empower them to know their actual value in Western civilization.
  • You must understand the Torah stories written in Hebrew because they still hold much meaning to the current world.
  • Taking some of our study tours to Israel will help you connect to the heartbeat of the lessons because that is the only country with a majority of the Israelite population and a history of its varied culture.
  • Learning the Jewish culture will empower you to know how we have played a significant role in critical modern innovations like technological modernism and more.
  • A keen study will show you that we are part of every culture worldwide, including North America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Amazon, which all play a role in the value we hold on humanity and social development.

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Jewish Studies

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