Meat Slicer Canada

Meat Slicer Canada

Check with High Caliber Products when you’re shopping for a meat slicer in Canada- we carry high-quality, durable machines that will get the job done in less time and with easier clean-up. Whether you’re searching for a home model that will last for years or a lighty-duty shop model that will keep up with a small daily work load, you can rest easy knowing we have the ideal item in our inventory. Shop on our website for butcher shop supplies, meat processing equipment, sausage making supplies, and much, much more, all at affordable prices you’re sure to love.

3 Tips For Choosing a Great Meat Slicer

1. Look for a professional meat slicer, even if you need a model for your home. Finding the right slicer size is key to a positive experience with your piece of equipment. For a product that will keep you under budget, reach out to our staff at High Caliber products and let us know a little bit about your slicing needs. We can provide product selection assistance when you contact us at 403-444-2877.

At High Caliber products, we have a medium-duty slicer that is ideal for home or small deli use. Our 10” Gravity Feed Slicer can make short work of slicing bacon, jerky, cold cuts, and more. Made with a heavy duty die-cast aluminum base, this slicer’s body will not pit or rust over time.

2. Search for a company that sells high-end butcher shop equipment designed to provide many years of service. When you’re investing money in a slicer, it pays to perform due diligence and spend some time looking at company reviews and well as product ratings.

If you’re looking for an investment that you’ll be able to pass down to future generations, our 10” slicer is the perfect piece of meat slicer equipment to purchase. Its blade comes with a sharpener for long-lasting performance whether you want to shave ham or turkey for sandwiches or slice cheese to the perfect thinness.

3. Choose a met slicer that’s heavy enough to stay put during operation. You’ll find many cheap products on the market today from manufacturers who claim their product is the ‘best’ or a ‘quality’ item. Steer clear of slicers that don’t display the product’s weight or when buying from a website without any contact information.

If you need a heavy meat slicer in Canada, our 10” slicer at High Caliber products weighs 20 lbs with dimensions 20 x 20 x 15”. We’re confident that you will find it is one of the best products of its kind on the market today.

Quality Butcher Shop Supplies

Review our entire butcher shop supply list online to find freezer paper, vacuum bags, sausage & jerky accessories, sausage casing, spices & cures, knives & sharpeners, refrigeration, meat grinders & mixers, and of course the best meat slicer in Canada.

We stand behind all of our products and offer outstanding customer service when you choose us for your next order. If you have any questions about our meat slicers or meat processing equipment, feel free to reach out to us by phone.


Meat Slicer Canada

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Meat Slicer Canada

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