Shipping Freight Calculator

Shipping Freight Calculator

Shipping Freight Calculator

To find the best and most cost-efficient shipping service and rates, a shipping freight calculator can come in handy.

Many businesses like and individuals rely on freight shipping calculators to assess beforehand the amount that they have to pay when they need to send something overseas or to another location. Without shipping freight calculators, it would be easy to pay more than the intended freight cost. For the freight forwarders, it would be added workload to estimate the cost of the service manually.

There are various types of shipping calculators available online and with basic knowledge of these shipping freight calculators’ options and functionalities, we can find the best shipping fit to our needs, preferences, and budget.

Purpose of a Shipping Calculator

Shipping calculators are a software solution which was built to make shipping service details and rates accessible to different users, presented in an intelligible and meaningful format. These calculators are also made to streamline and fully automate the computation task otherwise manually done by freight forwarders as answers to service and price requests from their customers.

One major challenge in coming up with a useful and user-friendly shipping calculator is the tediousness of the process of incorporating all necessary factors in coming up with a pricing response. This very process involves product and service pricing, along with destination facilities, the origin of the package, timing details, and other relevant operational details.

On the part of the freight service provider or the freight forwarder, this shipping calculator provides a chance for them to get involved in various pricing requests without the need for the manual workload. Apparently, this process helps them build and cultivate the value of market transparency, something not all freight service providers are willing to divulge and observe.

Parts of a Shipping Freight Calculator

The end result or the output of a shipping freight calculator is achieved by considering all the data input provided by the end user. Usually, the basic requirements for calculation and display of pertinent shipping choices include the point of origin of the cargo, the destination of the cargo, the time for pick-up, and what’s inside the package. Additionally, in the case of advanced and more sophisticated shipping freight calculators, pricing for every kind of service levels are made available upon request. This can be done by including factors like customs clearances, delivery dates, and pick-ups.

At the minimum, the end result of the shipping freight calculator can include service provider details and information, total service price, date and time of departure from pick-up location, estimated time of arrival at the destination, and list of available services. In the case of advanced shipping freight calculators, they can show a comparison of various shipping choices depending on the pre-inputted and pre-determined metrics.

Currency and Exchange Rates

One basic and important feature of a good shipping freight calculator is its ability to include various exchange rates and currencies into its functionality. This feature is important in getting the accurate cost of shipping shown in the currency of a specific user.

Also, it is mandatory, as part of the 7 pricing components necessary for a shipping freight calculator, that shipping calculators will be available in local currencies of its specific users.

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