Sushi Catering Near Me

Sushi Catering Near Me

When planning a party, sushi can be a great option. Sushi is not only a traditional and tasteful food, but they are healthier and will leave you and your guests feeling livelier and not weighed down by heavy foods. However, not all sushi restaurants are created equal. So, when you require sushi catering near me, it is important to hire the best sushi caterer to do the job.

Kae Sushi is a sushi catering Coral Gables service provider. We have the experience required to deal with several types of guests and have prepared sushi at various parties successfully. We specialize in several types of sushi catering services for people in Coral Gables. And here are some of the reasons why you should choose us.

Best Techniques

Chef Landa has mastered the art of making sushi. The chef has several years of experience working with Japanese food and has the ability to create something incredible, and you will see this in your sushi catering set up. It is quite challenging to find a sushi restaurant that creates sushi art that is both delicious and nice at the same time. Chef Landa has dedicated his life to creating a delicious fusion of Japanese food. 

Every ingredient is Always Fresh

We lay emphasis on the preparation of our food and ensure that only high-quality fresh ingredients are used. We work with reputable suppliers that offer high standards. We constantly observe the method of each supplier, from packaging to processing and transporting. We prepare our tuna and salmon manually, so they retain their quality. And as for vegetables and fruits, we select fresh pieces. We make everything to order before your big event. 

Affordable Price

It is important you take the time to consider your options when choosing a sushi catering service provider. Consider the number of entrees and appetizers in the package. At Kae Sushi, we offer incredible packages that contain sushi set up and other items all at affordable prices. Sushi can be pricey, particularly when made by a reputable sushi chef. But Kae Sushi is different – we offer affordable sushi so that everyone can enjoy our delicious food. 

Years of Experience Catering Parties and Events

At Kae Sushi, we have the experience and are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We know the right way to catering set up at any event or party. If you need a company that has prior experience working in several different events in Coral Gables, we are the right company for you. We are willing to do everything to deliver tasty food with incredible service. 

Try Kae Sushi, and You’ll Know Why We Are the Best.

The Sushi varieties that we’ll be serving at your party or event are fresh and craftily presented by our professionals. We are led by a master chef who has experience in culinary and hospitability. And our menu is created to suit the taste of everyone, party, and budget. When looking for the best sushi catering near me, contact us today.

Sushi Catering Near Me

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Sushi Catering Near Me

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