sushi Tallahassee

sushi Tallahassee

If you’ve been a bit slow getting into Japanese cuisine, we can get you up to speed. Dishes such as Naruto or eel roll may sound exotic to you now. By the time you finish reading this blog, you’ll know a lot more about sushi in Tallahassee or wherever you happen to be.

Sushi types

If you understand a few simple sushi terms, you’ll be able to order with confidence any time you go out for sushi in Tallahassee.

Nigiri sushi combines a hand-pressed strip of vinegared rice with a thin slice of fish laid on top. Fresh, raw fish sashimi, octopus, river eel, sea urchin and other oceanic delicacies may be used atop nigiri. Some chefs who create sushi in Tallahassee wrap a piece of nori seaweed around the rice to hold the fish in place. One thing to know about Nigiri sushi is that it is a Japanese food that you should eat with your fingers, not chopsticks. Sushi lovers say that to experience the best flavor; you should turn a piece of Nigiri upside down before placing the fish side directly on your tongue.

Maki sushi refers to the bamboo mat used to roll vinegared rice in flexible sheets of seaweed. When you hear the word “sushi,” maki is the sushi you probably see in your mind’s eye. In fact, translates to “roll” in Japanese. Any sushi that is created with a bamboo makisu mat may be called maki sushi. Typically, a whole roll of maki is cut into six or more pieces before serving.

Sushi generally refers to sticky vinegared rice. Hand-pressed Nigiri sushi may be topped with Maguro (tuna), Ebi (shrimp) Hamachi (yellowtail) are numerous other proteins. Seaweed-wrapped rice with veggies, fish, and other fillings may be known as norimaki.

Terms that will help you order sushi in Tallahassee

  • Roe: Fish eggs placed atop sushi to provide color, texture, and protein
  • Hashi: Chopsticks. Hashi is utilized to eat sashimi. Other types of sushi should be eaten with your clean fingers.
  • Maguro: Tuna fish
  • Hamachi: Yellowtail fish
  • Sake: Pronounced ‘sha-keh,’ sake is the Japanese word for salmon fish
  • Kani: Crab in or out of the shell
  • Surimi: imitation crab or fish meat
  • Wasabi: Hot green horseradish paste typically served with sushi
  • Gari: Sliced, pickled ginger served along with sushi
  • Daikon: Mild white radish typically served as a grated garnish

Life can be a wonderful and grand adventure, especially if you are open and willing to try new foods once in a while. Unfamiliar dishes you’ve never tasted before can turn into new favorites if you are up to experiment now and again. Sushi and Japanese cuisine are becoming more popular every day because it’s tasty and nutritious. When you are ready to know a little more about sushi in Tallahassee, drop by Japanica Steakhouse at 3111 Mahan Drive. If you need dining hours and driving directions to get to us, please dial (850) 656-9888.

sushi Tallahassee

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sushi Tallahassee

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