Dude Ranch Vacation

This was definitely one of our best vacations! They called while we were still enroute to check our ETA and if we wanted to ride that afternoon. We just missed the missed the window and needed to settle in first, but great service. The directions led us right there, and to another world away from the city and everyday stresses. Put your electronic devices down and get away from it all (they do have wi-fi and charging stations if that’s not an option). Upon arrival, we were welcomed warmly and given a quick tour. As another reviewer mentioned, “make yourself at home”. Hang out at your cabin or the cookhouse enjoying the people and the amazing views, soak in one of the two hot tubs, visit with the horses (they might even come visit you), go for a walk, go to the lake to swim or boat or fish (there’s no beach but there is a floating dock). The cookhouse is the heart of the ranch. Family, staff, and guests all came together to eat, relax, and plan the next adventure. Wonderful meals were provided and there’s no reason to go hungry. Snacks were available at different times of the day and beverages were always available, including at the help-yourself open bar. At meals the next rides were planned–do you want to go? long ride or short ride? We were each partnered with a particular horse for the duration of our stay. We also were partnered with a particular wrangler who led each ride (thank you Jordana). This continuity provided familiarity and greater trust. And the rides were NOT boring follow-the-leader plods down well-manicured trails on horses that have forgotten how to think. The horses are allowed free range and choose to return to the barn in the morning (a few more independent minded ones are kept in a corral by the barn). There are ranch roads and well-used trails but there was also freedom to take off up or down a hill and through the brush and trees based on your experience level. I read one review that said “be prepared to be forgotten”. The experience is what you choose to make of it. As stated above, the family and staff ate with the guests and plans were made at those meals. The one time we weren’t certain, all we had to do was ask. And when it came time to leave, it felt like we were leaving family. Thank you everyone, I really do hope to get back to see you.

Excellent Dude Ranch Vacation


Traveler, Trip Advisor

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