Washington dude ranches

Washington Dude Ranches

The exquisite beauty of nature is best experienced firsthand. The state of Washington is covered with lush forests, towering mountains and quiet volcanoes. For hundreds of years this landscape has been explored and experienced on the back of a horse. Today, you can still experience nature how it should be at Washington dude ranches.

Although times have changed around them, the dude ranch still serves its original purpose – to give others the real ranch experience. Dotted throughout the state of Washington, as well as other states throughout the United States, dude ranches are located near some of the most beautiful locations in the west. So, intrigued by the beauty, romance, and mystery of the west, easterners would travel to the rocky mountain region for scenery and sport. The easterners became known as “dudes.”

Dude ranches grew out of the tradition of ranchers offering hospitality to eastern hunting parties. Eventually these locations grew into vacation locations, offering a taste of the western life by providing lodging, riding lessons, and experiences such as cattle runs and hunts. Today, dude ranches offer so much more in way of entertainment for guests, but the basic idea of sharing hospitality with others is still at the core of all Washington dude ranches.

A dude ranch is a perfect vacation location for anyone who loves horses and wilderness. It is also a great location for family vacations because the atmosphere and activities fosters quality family time, while also providing a learning experience for everyone. If you’re travelling in a small group or alone, you will feel welcomed into the group. Most ranches are family owned, so you’ll be treated like family.

Due to locations around Washington, each dude ranch will offer different activities. However, one of the main focuses of any ranch is horses. Horseback riding is essential to working a ranch and essential to really experiencing all your chosen dude ranch has to offer. If you don’t know how to ride, don’t worry, you’ll be able to learn. Everyone, from those who have never ridden to those who grew up riding, can participate in many adventures such as Cattle drives, hunting trips, nature rides, and mountain rides.

Of course, if you aren’t able to ride, or aren’t a fan of horses, don’t be discouraged. Dude ranches offer plenty of activities for those who would rather stay off the horse. Hiking, nature walking, and mountain biking are great activities that will get you out into nature, while art and cooking classes will give you the chance to learn a new skill back at the ranch. Even if you just enjoy relaxing next to a campfire in the evening, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for at one of the many Washington dude ranches. Experience a new kind of adventure in the wilderness of Washington.

Washington dude ranches

Bull Hill Guest Ranch

3738 Bull Hill Road

Kettle Falls WA 99141 US

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