Horseback Riding Holidays

Don’t spend another holiday or vacation sitting at home waiting for something exciting to happen. Have an adventure! Escape the mundane and experience something new. Explore the Northwest on horseback and create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re new to riding or have plenty of experience, horseback riding holidays full of adventure are waiting for you out on the horse trails.

There are many ways you can tackle the trails of the Northwest on your next holiday. If you are new to riding, or would like to have a more guided experience, you could check into one of the many ranches throughout the area. Bull Hill Guest Ranch, for example, not only offers riding lessons for those who are unfamiliar with the reins, but offer guided rides to suit your riding comfort level.

Experienced riders can also benefit from spending their holidays at a ranch. Horseback riding holidays offer horses for riders, so you wouldn’t have to worry about transporting your own horse if you are visiting from far away. You also have the company of the other ranch guests to join you on the trails. Bull Hill Guest Ranch offers special riding experiences, such as cattle drives in the spring and the fall for those who are confident on horseback. They also offer a wine tour that includes a day long ride, so you can see the sights and taste the local wines.

If you are a more independent rider, and enjoy taking on the trails on your own, or at least with your own company, then there are plenty of trails for you to explore, crisscrossing their way through the wilderness. Horse trails are one of the best ways to see the true beauty of the Northwest. On horseback, you are able to travel through the woods and climb the mountain paths quicker than you would on foot and easier than you would in a vehicle. Only on horseback can you cover more ground and see more of the picturesque sights than by any other mode of transportation.

Instead of spending your vacation or holidays cooped up at home, spend them out in the great outdoors. Sleep under the stars and relax next to the campfire. After a trip along the horse trails of the Northwest, you’ll want all of your trips to be horseback riding holidays. Take a trip unlike any other and have some amazing stories to share. Horseback Riding Holidays

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